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Expressions in Video says it all, 1MDE in King of Prussia is dedicated to cutting edge, cinematic commercial production. We cover every aspect of Commercial production including graphic design, scriptwriting, production, post-production, visual FX and audio.

The best part is, you can advertise your commercial to different channels based on the interest and demographics and it is the best way to attract the right audience at the right time.

1MDE in King of Prussia will make your life much easier. Our experts will create effective commercials that are proven to make you money, give you exposure and encourage your audience to buy your product or service.

Businesses who use video marketing can grow revenue 49% faster than those who do not and effectively increase their site’s web traffic. We are a full-service commercial production company in Pennsylvania and are fully equipped for on-site or remote commercial production. When you choose us to handle your commercial production, our highly proficient team guarantees quality. Our well-informed team will sit down to discuss your business’ needs and goals and draft an initial script tailored to your vision and targeted audience. Then, we’ll storyboard, shoot and edit a video that accurately reflects your business’ brand and effectively gets your message to the specific audience.

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We will take care of it

The most consumed visual medium on the internet are the videos. Take full advantage of this media channel by commercial production to deliver unique content to promote your business. 1MDE in King of Prussia, PA have the equipment and skill set needed to produce quality content that will appeal to your preferred audience.