Music video

We help artists craft music videos

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At 1MDE in King of Prussia, PA we help artists craft a story-driven, visually stylistic music videos. YouTube is considered as the number one search engine for music. It’s a fantastic way to build your fan base and to be seen. But it’s also a crowded medium so you need to stand out. You’ve put the sweat and love into your songs, and let us put the sweat and love into visually translating those songs and create stunning music videos to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tell your story to the world

Every piece of song has a story, the story is yours and needs to be told. It’s up to you what message do you want to send to your audience and fans? You have to power to inspire and motivate, you have the power to make them feel or reflect the song. Displaying the right emotional core of your story is as essential as creating music itself. If you fail to convey the key message in the music video you can ruin the beauty of music too.

We offer music video production to the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania community as well as remote music video production. We are inspired by your song, and through professional cinematography equipment, we know how to capture the emotion behind your performance. The amazing talent and energy from our creative music video team will bring an expert touch to your music video production. We use creative cinematic imagery and intriguing editing for an artistic touch.

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A tailored Approach

Music videos play the role of face of any song and they can be exciting or drab. Our experts will listen to your music and offer a tailored approach to music video production from 1MDE in King of Prussia. Let the world feel and experience your song in the age of the internet. We love to help ambitious artists in our area to grow with high-quality music video production. Our creative team is specialized in creating engaging music videos that deliver your message in a more compelling way that resonates with both internal and external audiences.